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Grand Theft Auto V And Custom Xbox One

Rockstar Games recently announced Grand Theft Auto V would be released on the next-gen gaming consoles.  While this was of no surprise to gamers, what was a nice reveal was Rcokstar’s custom GTA V editions of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.  To go along with the launch, Rockstar worked with both Microsoft and Sony to create a unique looking gaming console to further boost sales of both GTA V, as well as the next-gen consoles.  You can take a look at the designs of these sweet systems below.







Grand Theft Auto V was one of the hugest video game launches in 2014.  It racked in over $80 million in pre-orders and on launch day.  It was initially launched on both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.  After almost a year, Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto V on the next-gen systems with some nice game play and graphics enhancements.   When it was originally launched, I dropped $150.00 for the big box collectors edition and haven’t had any regrets.  When it launched for the Xbox One, I was ready to pay again for such an amazing game.  While I quickly finished the standard single player version of Grand Theft Auto V, I was never bored as Rockstar fully developed an online universe for Grand Theft Auto V.

In terms of keeping fans interested, Rockstar Games has been pretty good about adding additional story lines through paid downloadable content.  The same holds true for Grand Theft Auto V with the upcoming release of GTA V Online Heists.  While I would have preferred a single player version of downloadable content to continue the story line, or introduce a new set of characters, I am really looking forward to the Heists download when it comes out.  Playing online is fun and requires a good team of people in order to accomplish a goal.  The heists pack looks super well done and detailed.

When Grand Theft Auto V was close to launch on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Rockstar Games actually had a giveaway where winners would get their hands on a new console bundled with Grand Theft Auto V.  Unfortunately these prizes have already been claimed.  If you are still in the market to get a free Xbox One, their are still a few legit places where you could win one.  I recommend you do a little research on the contests before you enter just to make sure they are legit.  The one I linked to above has held a few giveaways with positive reviews.

The Apple Watch – A Hands On Look

Back in October of 2014, Apple finally put all of the rumors to rest and unveiled to the world its first wearable device known as the Apple Watch.  Since the announcement Apple has released the Apple Watch Software Developer Kit (SDK) which has given more insight into the capabilities of the first generation Apple Watch.

The Apple WatchOnce rumored to be the iWatch, Apple quickly decided to finally drop the prepending letter from this new device.  The Apple Watch is going to be sold as not just another piece of technology, but something that fits in with your day to day fashion.  Apple is even hiring high end fashion gurus for its Apple Stores to help potential clients pick the perfect Apple Watch to meet their style.  The Apple Watch will come in two different sizes, a 1.5 inch and a 1.65 inch screen, each with a multitude of color and styles.  Pricing for a base model Apple Watch is going to start at $349.00.  If you want to get this amazing new technology without spending a dime you might be interested in entering a free Apple Watch giveaway where you could end up winning an Apple Watch, or a Pebble Smart Watch.

While it is obvious that Apple is not first to market with the smart watch, Apple hopes to be able to out do its competition with its unique adaptation with the Apple Watch.  While the Apple Watch in its first generation will depend a lot on an iPhone in order to function it is possible that later down the development life cycle, the Apple Watch will be able to function independently.  In terms of looks, the Apple Watch is lighter than most of the other smart watches on the market.  The screen is very clean and viewable in light and in darkness.  The digital crown dial spins easily and allows you to jump to various menu options and navigate the Apple Watch with ease.  You can also tap and hold or just quickly tap for different actions to occur on the Apple Watch.

In the end, one might wonder if the Apple Watch is revolutionary new technology like the iPhone when it was released.  In my opinion, I don’t think so.  The smart watch has been around for some time now.  From the Android Wear, to the Galaxy Gear we have seen these smart watches before.  What does make the Apple Watch more appealing is that it is an Apple product.  Apple has always focused on simplicity and beauty in everything it makes.  The Apple Watch will be a major player in the smart watch market as Apple has a huge developer network already dedicated to making apps for its other devices and you can be sure the Apple Watch will not suffer from a lack of apps.  Also if Apple Pay becomes common place within major retailers, you can bet this will drive more sales for the Apple Watch as it would be a lot more convenient and hopefully safer to use Apple Pay versus whipping out your insecure magnetic strip credit card.

When the Apple Watch does arrive, I might not be the first person in line to pick one up, but I definitely will grab one…that is unless of course I win an Apple Watch from http://www.freeapplewatch.com.  Are you planning on getting an Apple Watch when it launches?  Leave your comments in the section below and let us know!